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     Install a programmable thermostat.  Program it to lower the temperature while you're at work or sleeping.  You can reduce
     your energy consumption up to 5% for every degree you lower your thermostat below 70F.  That means lower hydro bills!    
     Install dimmers, motion sensors and timers.  These controls help you use only as much electricity as you need, when
     you need it.
     Drafts can be uncomfortable--and expensive.  Check for spaces around your doors and windows, also your phone
     cable and electrical outlets.  Weather stripping, foam insulation, door sweeps and window caulking can go a long way in
     saving you money.
     Install or utilize ceiling fans in your home.  Run the fans slowly in a clockwise direction to recirculate the warm air
     that rises to the ceiling.  This will allow you to lower the thermostat a couple of degrees.
     Save on your water bill too:
     Repair or replace leaky faucets. . .especially hot water faucets!
     If your toilet runs, repair it!
     Low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators can reduce water use by as much as 50% and reduces energy costs
     associated with water heating.  Showers save water--a typical bath uses approximately 75 litres of hot water--a 5-minute
     shower with an efficient shower head uses about half of that.
     Replacing an 18-litre-per-flush toilet with an ultra-low-volume (ULV) six-litre flush model represents a 66%
     savings in water flushed and will cut indoor water use by about 30%.  

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