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10 Tips for a Safer Home

 Protect yourself and your family with these easy tips!

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           1.     Install a peephole.  A wide-angle door viewer is best so that strangers aren't distorted or able to hide out
                   of your view.
           2.     Install solid door locks and dead bolts; also reinforce your entry door striker plate.  If you just moved in,
                   replace all the locks.
           3.     Install motion sensor lights outdoors and timers on indoor lights; these are proven crime deterrents.
           4.     The door between the garage and the house should be as solid as your exterior door, so
                   replace it if necessary.  Also reinforce or replace your wooden garage entry door; weak center panels
                   are easy to kick in--an easy target for thieves.
           5.     Secure patio doors.  Add a second patio door lock to prevent burglars from prying open or lifting the door
                    off the track.
           6.     Check your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms; replace batteries at least once a year.  If you don't
                   have alarms, install them outside bedrooms and on each floor of your home, including the basement.
           7.     Be careful with electricity.  Check outlets and switches; if they are hot to the touch or sparking, shut off
                   the circuit and have it professionally checked.  Avoid overloading outlets with too many appliances; consider
                   rewiring or adding circuits.
           8.     Never run electrical cords under furniture or rugs where they may be crushed or even cut. 
               9.       Extension cords should only be used on a temporary basis; if you're using extension cords permanently, it's time
                         to update your wiring or add receptacles.
             10.      Make sure all electrical items, including appliances, extension cords and surge protectors are certified by the
                         CSA (Canadian Standards Association) or the ULC (Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada). 

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