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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Who is Tradesmen Plus?
  2. Do you have an hourly rate?
  3. Who provides the materials?
  4. How do I schedule an appointment?
  5. How do I pay the tradesman??
  6. Do you provide a warranty?



      1.    Who is Tradesmen PLUS?
             We provide handyman, home repair and home improvement services in the Greater Toronto Area.  We focus on 
             developing long term relationships with our customers and tradesmen, and partnering with other trades and
             companies to serve and educate the community. 
      2.    Do you have an hourly rate?
             No.  We price by the job and  provide a written labour estimate up front, so you'll know before any work is started, how
             much the labor will be. 
      3.    Who provides the materials?
              It is more economical for you if you provide your own materials; that way you have control over the quality, brand, etc.
              that fits into your budget and decor.  Especially with the sales and discounts in the stores now, you can take advantage
              of a sale on paint, doors, or fixtures, and call us to do the work.
              Of course, if other materials such as drywall or lumber are required to complete your project, you can give the money to
              the tradesman to get the materials or he can make a material list for you and you can purchase it and arrange to have
              it delivered yourself.
       4.    How do I schedule an appointment?
               Just call our office at 905-605-1508 or submit a service request on line.
       5.     How do I pay the tradesman?
               We accept Visa, MasterCard, cash or a cheque made payable to Tradesmen PLUS.
       6.     Do you provide a warranty?
                For one (1) year from the completion date of the invoice, Tradesmen PLUS will repair free of charge, any
            defects in workmanship as described on the invoice.   Plumbing will be covered by a thirty (30) day warranty.
 Handyman, Home Repair & Home Improvement Services in the Toronto Area
Call us, Tradesmen PLUS at 905-605-1508 for all your home repair needs.